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Why Our Babies-at-Work
Programs Are Successful

Happy Babies
With BIBS' expertise, babies-at-work programs are set up properly with clear guidelines and expectations, and parents and babies quickly adapt to the social norms.  Policy provisions mitigate situations that might otherwise cause workplace strife (such as specifying a room for the parent to temporarily take a baby if the child cries for more than a few seconds and having designated locations for diaper changes and disposal).  Moreover, a BIBS babies-at-work policy is designed to anticipate and prevent potential problems and provide assistance with contingency plans (including the option for the company to terminate a baby's participation in the program) for those rare situations in which a baby is disruptive to the work environment.
BIBS has found that participating parents are highly motivated to make these programs succeed and are highly responsive to their children's needs while at work, and babies love the social stimulation of the workplace.  As a result, the babies that come to work under well-structured policies are overwhelmingly content and pleasant to be around (often to the initial surprise of others in the organization).  New parents feel valued by their employer, and they quickly increase their efficiency in order to successfully care for their babies while completing work.  This increased efficiency and gratitude continues after a baby has graduated from the babies-at-work program, resulting in increased productivity for the long term.

Pictures and Videos of
Babies at Work

Christopher and Jackson
at Hawaii First Federal Credit Union
Amanda and Teagan
at the W.S. Badger Company
(Photo by Kelli Strickland)
Ambrosha and River
at HometownQuotes
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