Babies in Business Solutions
Babies in Business Solutions
Bringing New Life To The Workplace
Mission Statement
Babies in Business Solutions (BIBS) provides consulting services to businesses for the implementation of sustainable babies-at-work programs that maximize benefits for businesses
while accommodating the needs of all employees in an organization.
"Carla Moquin took the time to learn about Badger, the company's culture, the reality of physical space challenges, and what the owners hoped to accomplish.  She was very patient with this busy company, and offered countless resources to help us along the path to developing a successful program."

Jay Smeltz, Human Resources Coordinator
W.S. Badger Company

A well-designed babies-at-work program can save a company thousands of dollars due to increased employee retention and parents being able to return to work earlier after the birth of a baby, along with numerous other benefits for organizations.

BIBS provides comprehensive consulting services for businesses and organizations of all sizes and in all industries. 

"You worked with us beautifully. Although babies have always been welcome at Hot Studio, it really wasn't effective until we had a formal policy in
Maria Giudice, CEO
Hot Studio  (Bought by Facebook)

Special thank you to Jess Piorier and her son Oscar
for allowing us to use their baby-at-work picture for our logo.
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